The 7 ways A.I. Nudges You

* All prices are denominated in US dollar equivalent.

A.I. Generated Contents

Low detailed images in existing galleries (non-commercial use)Free
High detailed images in existing galleries (non-commercial use)$1 / image
Commercial license/exclusive rights to use AI images$10 / image
AI image customization (commercial licenses not included)$10 / 10 tries + 1 series
Music generating (including lyric editing and style tuning)$20 / 20 tries + 3 musics
Video generating (including image/prompt editing and style tuning)$ 20 / 5 tries + 20 sec
TTS / Text generating / Ideas$5 / single request

You may ask: Why this price?

AI-assisted and expert manual design

Pure AI design attemptFree / 5 tries, then $5 / result
Manual modification, adjustment, and synthesis of AI-generated contentFrom $100 / project
Synthesis, mixing and editing of music, video or rich media contentFrom $50 / project
Logo / Illustration designFrom $300 / project
Page / Flyer / Webpage designFrom $200 / face

A.I.G.C Solutions

Brief consultation and discussionFree
Suggested platforms for you with initial prompts and simples of contents$50 / project
Detailed program and initial implementation testing for complex projectsBased on actual cost

Why this price?

Admittedly, there are many AI generation systems that are free or have a low generation price. Why charge higher for content that can be generated in just a few seconds? You will inevitably think so.

However, the service we provide has the experience and expertise gained from long-term practice, as well as the cost of time for human intervention, in addition to the necessary GPU computing costs.Some of the content (such as videos and music) requires a lot of time for creation and review.

Even simpler contents like images would require aesthetic and demand-understanding skills accumulated over a long period of time, and a lot of filtering and proper adjustment work to get a better finished product.

Revision and integration of work requires specialized manual skills, and you can contact us to learn more about the qualifications of our design services.

However, we are of course happy to discuss your needs in detail and offer further favorable rates.

Remember, everything is negotiable:)